Cow Tripe
Cow Tripe

Cow Tripe

Ingredients: 100% pure Cow Tripe
Analysis: Protein  58.62%, Fat 19%, Ash 1%, Moisture 3%, DM 97%
Energy: 3980 kcal/kgr
Made of 100% Cow Tripe, without any additional additives
Crispy, dried Beef Tripe from Mad Cow Best is ideal as snack between meals and the perfect way to give the dog a delicious natural reward. These single-ingredient dog treats are made in Germany and contain only 100% Beef Tripe from Cow.
These dog chews are slowly dried – this process gently removes water from the fresh tripe. This preparation means that our dried Beef Tripe is rich in essential nutrients, has an intense scent and can help to support dog’s digestive flora. In fact it’s the ideal vitamin bomb for every dog breed.This treat is full of Vitamins A, C, D, E, as well as B complex vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements. Plus: They are not just healthy but also a real deliciousness for all dogs!
Of course they are completly free of artificial additives like artificial colouring, artificial preservatives or fillers like grain. That really makes all the difference – a more healthy and delcious treat for dogs is hard to find.
Not recommended for puppies under 3 months
As with all chews fresh water should be available at all times and  supervision is recommended.

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