Cow Pizzle
Cow Pizzle

Cow Pizzle

Ingredients: 100% pure Beef Pizzle
Analysis: Protein 72.18%, Fat 3%, Ash 1.5%, Moisture 22.8%,
DM 77.20%
Energy: 2840 kcal/kgr
HAND-WEIGHED: Size of this treat
 is best suited for all size of dogs. 

One Ingredient--beef. No chemicals used in cleaning process. No fillers or dyes so colors will vary as they do in nature. Moderate odor relative to Other similar products.

KEEPS YOUR DOG BUSY: A busy dog is a good dog. Your shoes and furniture will be spared. Can be a great stress reliever during a time your pup is recovering from surgery.

DENTAL BENEFITS: Mad Cow pizzle treat are made from natural muscle fiber that stimulates gums and removes tartar build-up from teeth. 
Not recommended for puppies under 3 months
As with all chews fresh water should be available at all times and  supervision is recommended.

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